What to Expect after You Submit

For email submissions, you will get a confirmation of receipt email within 72 hours of your submission. For snail mail submissions, expect a longer delay. We will check our PO Box weekly, though not on any particular day, during the fall and spring semesters and at least monthly during the summer, and we will send you a confirmation of receipt email within 72 hours of getting your submission. Materials received by snail mail will not be returned to you. Whether by email or snail mail, we will review your submission as soon as possible after receipt, within one week if we can.

After review, you will receive another email indicating acceptance or rejection of your submission. If your submission is accepted, the email will provide further instructions/requests, including an attached “Permission to Publish” statement. This statement asks you to verify that the work presented is your own or that you are acting with the authority of the creative group, that the image collection/video/audio/text is not under the copyright protection of any other publication, and that you give MTSU Creates permission to publish the materials you have submitted (Note: MTSU Creates does not assume any ownership or rights to your work! We only need to confirm your permission to publish). If your submission is rejected, you will receive a brief indicator of the reason for that rejection, such as inappropriate subject matter or, in the case of creative texts, excessive grammatical errors. The latter does not include errors in the creator’s profile or artist’s statements—we’ll happily work with you on those, but we don’t have the editorial staff to copyedit manuscripts.

Once all of the necessary paperwork is complete and we’re sure we’ve got all of your submission materials, we will begin to create your post and put it in the publication queue. When a date for release of your post is decided, you will get a final email notifying you of the release date.