How to submit

How to submit. There are two options for submission: email and snail mail. Email submissions are preferred, and they will get the fastest response, but may not be appropriate for all file types—large image and video files may exceed attachment capacity.

Email submissions should be sent to The subject line of your submission should include your full name and the name of your project (example: John Doe Tree Sculpture). The body of the email should also include your full name and the title of your project/work; if you intend on supplying a creator’s profile, links, and/or an artist’s statement, those should also be included. Attachments should be clearly labeled. If you need to send multiple emails to accommodate all your attachments, please label them appropriately in the subject line (John Doe Tree Sculpture 2, etc); the body of supplemental emails should include only your full name and the title of the project/work. Email submissions must be sent from an active MTSU email address; this is our verification that you are an eligible submitter.

Snail mail submissions are still essentially electronic in nature; that is, all your submission materials—images, video, creator’s profile (with links and profile picture), and artist’s statement—should be submitted as digital files on a CD or DVD. The CD or DVD should be accompanied by a brief note that includes your full name, your status at MTSU (student, faculty, staff, etc), and your MTSU email address. Send your submission materials to

Sandbox—MTSU Creates

MTSU P.O. Box 923

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