Submission Info

MTSU Creates welcomes submissions of all types of creative work from MTSU students, staff, faculty, and organizations.

What can be submitted? Almost anything! The form of your submission will be determined by your creative media, but there are a few restrictions. Because this website is maintained by Sandbox, an MTSU student organization, texts and images containing gratuitous language, nudity, and/or violence will not be published. Neither will texts and/or images that degrade others based on race, gender, age, sexual preference, etc. While the editors of MTSU Creates recognize the importance of art in challenging social norms, sometimes presenting the most difficult and controversial topics of our times, we also represent the university and the broad spectrum of individuals who populate our campus.

So, send us something! Poems, paintings, stained glass windows! Photographs, short stories, adventures in gardening! Dress designs, modeling portfolios, essays of all kinds! Electronic gadgets, parade floats…well, you get the idea. For information on “How to Submit,” “File Types,” and “What to Expect,” just click.

What’s in it for you? In addition to files or links related to your creative project, you will have the opportunity to submit a “creator’s profile,” basically a brief biographical note about yourself or about the creative group. A profile picture may also be submitted, as well as up to three URL links to personal or group webpages, social media pages, and/or other electronic media. These links will be tested for functionality only; we will not restrict the link based on the content of external sites. Finally, you may submit an “artist’s statement” about the creation of your project. All submitted materials will become a part of the MTSU Creates post about your project/work; the creator’s profile, profile picture, and links will also be archived on the site’s “Contributors” page.



Miscellaneous Stuff.

An individual or group may make multiple submissions and may have multiple works/projects accepted at one time, but they will likely be spread out in the publication schedule.

MTSU Creates, is currently posting one to two creations per week, but we hope to increase that rate as submissions come in.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us. We appreciate your input!