Anna Waggoner: “Lips of a Stranger”

Nashville based singer-songwriter and MTSU Recording Industry student Anna Waggoner wrote her first song when she was 10 years old, and has been in love with songwriting ever since. Her songs span multiple genres, and she cites her main influences as James Taylor, Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, and Taylor Swift. Playing guitar, piano, ukulele, harmonica, and self-recording most of her songs, Anna is a musician as well as a wordsmith. Lyrics are usually her favorite part of a song, and she tries to write lyrics that are introspective and cognizant of the human condition.


Anna keeps God at the core of everything she does, and she feels her purpose in life is to inspire others. She hopes that as you listen to her music, you will be comforted, encouraged, and inspired.

Anna Waggoner

Along with releasing her music online, Anna debuts many of her songs on her weekly radio show, “Around The Waves” on WMTS 88.3 FM. She has been a radio DJ for the past few years, and was recently hired at another radio station as an on-air personality.


“Lips of a Stranger” is her most recent release, and is fairly different from anything she’s released prior. If you like this song, you can check out more of her music at . You can also keep up with her on social media @AnnaE_Nashville to get updates about her song releases and radio show. 

Over the Next Hill, by Dana Tri


Dana Tri was born at Fort Campbell, Kentucky and has traveled most of her life.  She found the constant moving exhilarating and discovered she had a passion for culture and language.  She is a veteran of the United States Air Force and spent her time in service as a Korean Linguist.  Currently, she and her husband reside in Spring Hill, Tennessee.  After obtaining her Associate of Science at Columbia State Community College, she has now transferred to Middle Tennessee State University to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts where she plans to graduate in Spring of 2018.  Her medium of choice is oil, both on canvas and board.  She has had work published in print and web media.  Coordinating both nationally and internationally, she has completed personalized commisions in both traditional and digital mediums from places such as Hawaii, Florida, and England.

Over the next hill
16X20 Acrylic and Oil on Canvas


The essence of the human spirit is what I am driven to study.  It is not a path driven by religion, culture or politics, but rather one birthed from a desire to share and connect with individual members of society who, over time, have become increasingly more isolated and compartmentalized from one another.  In the creation of each piece, there is the ambition that each viewer of the finished product will feel a sense of community, unity and belonging.

20171002-dana-tri-girlandwolf-04 (1)

My process continues to evolve as I delve further into the field of oils.  Application of the paint in thin glazes over the initial background color enables deeper colors and sets the mood of the artwork.  Using the technique of glazes is a tool to better tell the story, to better describe the feelings I wish to evoke in the artwork.  The application of thicker paint is also a choice that involves the sensations I want to evoke.  The glazes allow for a luminescence, while the thicker paint is used for emphasis.  There is a sense of thoughtfulness within an artwork created this way, and I believe that the process along with the actual message of the piece are both equally as important for the final piece.


See Dana’s online portfolio and sketchbook.

Auribus Teneo Lupum, esq.

Auribus Teneo Lupum, esq. is the steampunk personae and trade name of an MTSU lecturer who otherwise prefers to remain anonymous. Lupum creates one-of-a-kind walking sticks and other unique wood items.

Pictured here are “walker’s companions” (cherry, elm, and poplar),


and below, walking sticks (poplar).


And finally, a cane. (poplar shaft w/ olive wood handle)

left profile.topleft profile

“Most of the items I make are per request, but I sometimes turn or carve an item for general sale. Keep an eye out at local art/craft events – you never know where I might turn up!”

“Nostalgia” by Two Piece Dalmatian

MTSU student Bronson Mahrt is the writer, bass player, and singer for Two Piece Dalmatian. As reviewed for an Oklahoma festival appearance, “Two Piece Dalmatian is an OKC native psych-pop band. Their debut single, ‘Trippin’ On Her,’ was released November 17th, 2016. Their second single, ‘Nostalgia,’ featuring Ellerie West, was released July 28th, 2017. Stylistically, the group creates a sonic experience that fuses the rhythm based grooves of Hip-Hop and R&B with the cosmic and shimmering tones of both modern and classic psychedelia. The group is best showcased at a high energy venue. The overall aesthetic of a Two Piece Dalmatian show is one of glam and revelry. The group is best known for highly interactive and engaging shows that have been known to include a variety of exciting acts of showmanship. Fans generally expect to witness frontman Bronson Mahrt perform a variety eccentric stunts that range stage climbing to eating a handful of lit cigarettes. Two Piece Dalmatian is an excellent band to catch for those who are looking for a high energy pop group that certainly likes to get weird.” You can keep up with the on Instagram and Twitter–@2piecedalmatian–or check out their Facebook page.