MTSU Creates thanks the creators within the MTSU community who have chosen to share their works with us. Here, you will find them, alphabetized by last name, along with some biographical information they’ve offered to share and links they’ve provided.

Bivens, Bryce — writer

Bryce Bivens is a Political Science student studying International Relations (Specializing in East Asia) and Japanese language at MTSU. He has lived in several states across America and in Australia, as well as having traveled to many countries.  He enjoys studying history, philosophy and politics, and his interests include outdoor recreation, gaming, science, and mechanics. Some of his favorite franchises are Star Wars, Warhammer 40k and Fantasy, Halo, the Sheanera series, and many others. Indeed, his interests extend into many areas, including writing, wherein he specializes in science fiction and fantasy, which he loves most; he prefers to write short stories but dabbles in poetry.  He also is an amateur blacksmith learning the craft. Read his poem “The World is a Play” on MTSU Creates.

Hearl, Holly Marie.–writer

Holly Marie Hearl brings her years of experience in the Navy and as a restaurant cook to MTSU, where she may also be finding a niche as a writer! Read her essay “‘Kiss My Wookie!’: The Quote that Changed It All.” You’ll be rewarded by a fine reading experience and an associated graphic novel page!

Marht, Bronson. — musician

Bronson is the writer, bass player, and singer for Two Piece Dalmatian, “an OKC native psych-pop band.” You can follow the band on Twitter and Instagram – @2piecedalmatian – or check out their Facebook page.  Experience the band’s singles “Nostalgia” and “Trippin’ on Her” here on MTSU Creates.

Tabb, Jaden. — writer and graphic design

Jaden Tabb is a Fine Arts major studying graphic design at Middle Tennessee State University. He grew up in Hendersonville, Tennessee. His other passions include reading, writing, illustrating, playing guitar and bass, as well as studying history, philosophy, science, and a multitude of other subjects. Jaden’s goal as a writer is to connect with other people, and bring them together through the language. Read Jaden’s poem “Chimaera.”

Tri, Dana. — visual artist

Dana Tri was born at Fort Campbell, Kentucky and has traveled most of her life.  She found the constant moving exhilarating and discovered she had a passion for culture and language.  She is a veteran of the United States Air Force and spent her time in service as a Korean Linguist.  Currently, she and her husband reside in Spring Hill, Tennessee.  After obtaining her Associate of Science at Columbia State Community College, she has now transferred to Middle Tennessee State University to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts where she plans to graduate in Spring of 2018.  Her medium of choice is oil, both on canvas and board.  She has had work published in print and web media.  Coordinating both nationally and internationally, she has completed personalized commisions in both traditional and digital mediums from places such as Hawaii, Florida, and England. You may view Dana’s online portfolio and sketchbook, or see her painting Over the Next Hill here on MTSU Creates.

Waggoner, Anna — musician

Nashville based singer-songwriter and MTSU Recording Industry student Anna Waggoner wrote her first song when she was 10 years old, and has been in love with songwriting ever since. Her songs span multiple genres, and she cites her main influences as James Taylor, Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, and Taylor Swift. Playing guitar, piano, ukulele, harmonica, and self-recording most of her songs, Anna is a musician as well as a wordsmith. Lyrics are usually her favorite part of a song, and she tries to write lyrics that are introspective and cognizant of the human condition. Along with releasing her music online, Anna debuts many of her songs on her weekly radio show, “Around The Waves” on WMTS 88.3 FM. She has been a radio DJ for the past few years, and was recently hired at another radio station as an on-air personality. Listen to her songs “Never Yours” and “Lips of a Stranger” here on MTSU Creates, or check out other songs by Anna at . You can also keep up with her on social media @AnnaE_Nashville to get updates about her song releases and radio show.

Yellowitz, Jessica — musician/songwriter

Jessica Yellowitz is a commercial songwriting major and an entrepreneurship minor. She is also an accomplished performer, her first stage appearance at age 6. At MTSU, she currently performs original works for prospective students and their parent four days each week, and she has sung The National Anthem at baseball and women’s basketball games. Most of her performing career, however, has taken place in the Washington D.C. area, closer to her Northern Virginia home. She has recently been recording at Suckerpunch Recording Studio in Bethesda, Maryland, and The Very Beginning, an EP, is available on iTunes. MTSU Creates is proud to feature her single “Life is Sweet,” and you can find other works in a variety of places, such as Soundcloud, Spotify, and YouTube. You can keep up with Jessica on her website and Facebook page.