About MTSU Creates

What do you create? The folks at Sandbox, MTSU’s interdisciplinary creators’ group, want to know, and they want to share it with Middle Tennessee State University’s community. That’s what MTSU Creates is all about: showcasing the creative talents of our students, staff, and faculty! Whether you’re a photographer, musician, sculptor, actor, illustrator, writer, model, architect, dancer, podcaster, or painter (or practice any other creative pursuit, either independently or as part of a group), we want to show others what you do. Our goal is to spotlight at least one creative project every week.

What can be submitted? Almost anything! The form of your submission will be determined by your creative media, but there are a few restrictions. Because this website is maintained by Sandbox, an MTSU student organization, texts and images containing gratuitous language, nudity, and/or violence will not be published. Neither will texts and/or images that degrade others based on race, gender, age, sexual preference, etc. While the editors of MTSU Creates recognize the importance of art in challenging social norms, sometimes presenting the most difficult and controversial topics of our times, we also represent the university and the broad spectrum of individuals who populate our campus.

What’s in it for you? Aside from the satisfaction of knowing your work is being seen by viewers of the website, the benefits of submitting to MTSU Creates are as diverse as the individuals submitting: perhaps you’d like to direct viewers to your personal website or YouTube channel or promote a performance, group, or activity. Regardless of motivation, each submitter will have the opportunity to contribute a “creator profile” which may include a brief description of the contributor(s), a profile photo, and up to three URL links. The contributor profile will appear with your post and on the “Contributors” page.

See the “Submission Info” page for further details.