“Nostalgia” by Two Piece Dalmatian

MTSU student Bronson Mahrt is the writer, bass player, and singer for Two Piece Dalmatian. As reviewed for an Oklahoma festival appearance, “Two Piece Dalmatian is an OKC native psych-pop band. Their debut single, ‘Trippin’ On Her,’ was released November 17th, 2016. Their second single, ‘Nostalgia,’ featuring Ellerie West, was released July 28th, 2017. Stylistically, the group creates a sonic experience that fuses the rhythm based grooves of Hip-Hop and R&B with the cosmic and shimmering tones of both modern and classic psychedelia. The group is best showcased at a high energy venue. The overall aesthetic of a Two Piece Dalmatian show is one of glam and revelry. The group is best known for highly interactive and engaging shows that have been known to include a variety of exciting acts of showmanship. Fans generally expect to witness frontman Bronson Mahrt perform a variety eccentric stunts that range stage climbing to eating a handful of lit cigarettes. Two Piece Dalmatian is an excellent band to catch for those who are looking for a high energy pop group that certainly likes to get weird.” You can keep up with the on Instagram and Twitter–@2piecedalmatian–or check out their Facebook page.


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